Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stingy Sharks

A real scoop here:

Shark Attacks Decline; could recession be a factor?

Apparently attacks have plummeted from 71 in 2007 to 59 in 2008. And this intrepid reporter has extrapolated much from this 11 point dip. I know I'm misreading the article, but I like to think that the economic downturn has even rattled ocean creatures. Whales are slimming down. Jellyfish are learning second trades. Hopeless sea otters are committing suicide. And sharks, apparently, are taking fewer risks.

I swear, not a month goes by that I don't get suckered into reading a totally pointless article about sharks. There's really not much news to report in the shark world--they haven't evolved in 500 million years. But I can't resist!

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  1. You're telling really funny jokes but also talking about something serious and current. Kudos. I sent this entry to some friends of mine.