Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oregon or Bust

Wagon directions to Portland, OR
1,803 mi – about 322 days 13 hours
Independence, MO
1.Head north on N Main St toward W Maple Ave
226 ft
2.Turn left at W Maple Ave
0.8 mi
3.Short rest; Billy has scarlet fever
0.o mi
4.Veer right into canyon
46 ft
Continue, straight ahead, through canyon
70 mi
6.Stop. Hunt. Shoot and kill 47 buffalo; 20 deer; 0 squirrel
0.0 mi

Carry back 1.5 buffalo
1.1 mi
8.Turn right at brook
0.3 mi
9.Stop at river
0.2 mi
10.Attempt to ford the river
0.7 mi
11.Lose 2 oxen
0.0 mi
12.Go west...
1,800 mi
13.Billy has cholera
7.3 mi
14.Billy is dead
0.0 mi
Shoot and kill 55 buffalo
0.o mi

(Special thanks to Josh for inspiring this)

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  1. That's such an old game Jesse! How do you remember these things?